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Welcome to Marco Franciamore Fitness + Lifestyle. With over 16 years in the personal training, fitness and lifestyle industries – I’ve help numerous clients achieve their fitness goals and needs. I have taken an integrative and holistic approach when working with clients -resulting in some pretty spectacular transformations. We begin with posture correction, flexibility, mobility, proper movement and then progress to what you as the client wants and needs -weight loss, strength training, athletic performance and beyond. I have expertise and knowledge in multiple facets of fitness and wellness. And I’m always gathering and learning new information to better serve. I also hold multiple nationally recognized certifications. ACE -CPT, OES, FES / CHEK INSTITUTE -Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Golf Performance Specialist -and a few more. Contact us soon to find out more and to sign up for our Exclusive In Home Personal Training, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching Package.
My mission is to help people in any way I can -through personal training, lifestyle coaching, wellness coaching and beyond. I look forward to working with you!
-Marco Franciamore


Personal Trainer

Unlock your full potential with a personal trainer who transforms your fitness journey into a life-changing, unstoppable success story.


Weight Loss Coach

Empower your weight loss journey with a coach who ignites your motivation, tailors your path, and celebrates every victory with you.


Fitness And Lifestyle Coach

Elevate your well-being with a wellness lifestyle coach who harmonizes your mind, body, and spirit for a truly transformative and radiant life.

Client Testimonials

Marco is incredibly experienced, hard working and results-oriented. He provides fantastic training based on his clients’ needs. He is extremely easy going, perceptive, accessible and has the best personality. Marco has been training me for over three years and I always look forward to our sessions! In each training session Marco manages to give me top notch training while educating, uplifting, motivating and inspiring. He’s a true gem!!

Olga Wachtel

Marco is extremely knowledgeable of everything fitness. On top of that, he knows exactly how to personalize routines and keep you motivated. Friendly, encouraging, and easy to work with. Great trainer!


Marco’s depth of knowledge of how the body should and should not move goes well beyond what you think about when you think of fitness. Muscles, soft tissue, posture, mobility…you name it. I appreciated how thorough he was and flexible in his approach. He really was committed to helping me find the right program for my particular need. My life improved greatly after many failed attempts with others and I recommend him to anyone looking for a seasoned pro.

John Giumarra

Marco is the absolute best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He always upbeat and encourages you to push your personal limits. Every workout incorporates different exercises and stretches, so it never gets boring. He can help with diet and other lifestyle aspects of your exercise program. I absolutely recommend him with the greatest enthusiasm!

Duncan Dayton


Dive into our treasure trove of fitness insights and expertise, curated by a seasoned personal trainer who's dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential, smash your goals, and live an active, empowered life. Explore, learn, and transform!



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Discover your path to fitness success with Marco Franciamore, a dedicated and experienced personal trainer in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Transform your lifestyle and achieve your goals with personalized workouts, expert guidance, and unwavering support every step of the way.

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