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It all depends on the trainer. There are plenty of personal trainers and fitness professionals out there! Trainers who work strictly virtually with clients. Others who meet with clients in their homes/home gyms. Some operate out of a gym setting only, a combination of venues, It goes on and on.

In whatever setting you choose -the fitness professional/personal trainer/coach you choose should be certified, insured, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated.

Your first session with a personal trainer should include an assessment and evaluation.

This will most likely cover posture, mobility, and flexibility, a functional movement screening, body metrics, and a Q&A portion.  Your personal trainer may also take photos and videos to assess and archive.

An in-home personal trainer will travel to your house or apartment.  They will sometimes bring their equipment, to supplement what is already available in the home gym. Some trainers may also help in creating and designing an in-home gym.

Personally, I have created 6 home gyms for my clients. I assess the space, source the equipment, flooring, lighting, etc, and work with the client and/or contractor to set up an amazing and functional home gym.

What to Look For

Accessibility – Personal trainers/fitness professionals should be accessible to answer questions the clients may have -via text, email, call.

Insurance/Certification – Trainers who operate out of a gym may be employed by the facility or be independent contractors. Either way, they should be certified and insured.

Flexibility – Many trainers who work for a gym are limited as to what they can do and how they train their clients.  There are chains gyms and facilities out there that subscribe to one method – essentially a one size fits all mindset. It may work for some, but not for all. And these methodologies may even injure some clients.

Before you hire a personal trainer or coach, ask as many questions as possible. Get a feel for the trainer(s) and gym.

Virtual Training – Virtual trainers and coaches have been popping up everywhere due to Covid and shutdowns. This is a great option if you can’t or don’t want to be in a gym setting or have a trainer in your home.  These trainers operate similarly to an in-home or in-gym trainer. It’s a bit more challenging to assess and evaluate a new client virtually, but a great trainer should be able to do a good job of it.

With virtual personal training -it is far more important that a trainer demonstrates the exercises properly and efficiently. And that they clearly explain what and how you should be moving.

Full-Time Job – There are many personal trainers and coaches out there who only work part-time. Be cautious when hiring a part-time trainer. Some of them aren’t fully invested in their clients and their goals.  But you may find a few that are truly great.

Once again, ask questions, as for referrals, read testimonials, and whatever else you can do to get the full picture of that trainer you may be hiring. I personally know a few part-time trainers that are excellent.

The Right Fit – One must also consider what “type” of personal trainer they’re looking for. Are you motivated to lose weight? Do you want to build more muscle? Are you an athlete hoping to enhance your performance? Maybe it’s posture correction or rehabbing an injury?

Research and narrow down the right personal trainer or coach for your specific needs and wants. Look for a trainer that has worked mostly with clients that match what you are seeking to accomplish.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

When it comes to pricing, trainers and coaches operate in different ways. Some offer monthly packages, others single sessions only, and others are flexible with session packages based on your frequency of training.  In-gym trainers have to comply the with rules of the gym.

In Westchester and Fairfield counties- entry-level trainers who operate as independent contractors generally price themselves in the $75 – $100/hr range. Mid-level trainers in the $85-$125 range.  Master-level trainers -$100-$200 per hour.

These prices will vary a bit depending on the area, gym, and travel time (for in-home trainers) as well.

Learn More and Get Started

Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to schedule a session.  mf@marcofitnesslifestyle.com

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