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First time looking to work with a personal trainer and not sure where to start? Or maybe it’s been a while? Fill out the form below and we will follow up with you to schedule the first session. Our initial session will begin with a chat. We’ll cover, needs, wants, goals, lifestyle factors, exercise experience, any injuries (past or present) and I’ll answer any questions that come up. Then we’ll go through a postural and movement assessment -followed by flexibility and mobility testing. And take it from there! It’s that easy! Make this happen for YOU! The love for oneself shall flow into love for others.

  • Questionnaire/Get to Know You
  • Static Postural Assessment
  • Dynamic Posture And Movement Assessment
  • Body Metrics
  • Mobility And Flexibility Testing
  • Muscle Activation Testing
  • Strength Testing
  • Before/After Photos (if desired)
  • Soft Tissue Work (if time allows)
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Dynamic Warmup/Activation

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a person who is highly competent in various forms, areas, and levels of fitness and physical exercise, and is also qualified and certified to teach and demonstrate exercise programs to other individuals. A personal trainer is not only a fitness instructor but is also someone who guides you through many aspects of your daily life in order to maximize the physical benefits you can get from your daily activities. In most cases, people want the services of a personal trainer or personal fitness coach to help them with a specific fitness goal, such as losing weight, building muscle, or training for a sporting event such as a marathon. Individuals also often ask for personal trainers to help them improve their knowledge on various exercises, or alternatively to improve their form while performing certain exercises or routines. This will undoubtedly allow the individual to improve their overall fitness and maximize the benefit they get from the workouts and exercises they complete. Any personal trainer must complete certain qualifications and examinations before they can become a certified personal trainer. This means that when working with a trusted and reliable professional personal trainer or fitness coach, you know that you will be receiving the best possible advice and support, and that everything you are told will be highly beneficial for your overall fitness.

Marco’s Certifications

  • ACE – CPT
  • ACE Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • ACE Certified Functional Exercises Specialist
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • CHEK Golf Performance Specialist

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer comes with many benefits, and hence, it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing to get a personal trainer or fitness coach to help them with their workouts or exercise goals. Here are a few of the top benefits:


One of the major advantages that comes with working with a personal trainer is the increased level of motivation that can be achieved. It can be highly difficult for individuals to not only become motivated in the first place, but also to remain motivated to exercise regularly. This can be especially tough on cold, winter days when you would rather stay in bed than get up and do a workout. Because of this, it is vital that a personal fitness coach knows the best ways to help you to remain motivated and driven as much as possible.

Accomplish Goals Faster

Additionally, personal trainers can offer you insights and information that can help you to achieve your weight or exercise goals much more efficiently. For example, a personal trainer will be able to locate faults in the way in which you perform certain exercises. You can then work to address these faults and improve your form, which will make the exercises not only easier, but also more effective. Furthermore, if your goal is weight loss, then your personal fitness coach may be able to help you generate a diet plan, which will allow you to lose weight successfully while still being able to enjoy the foods you like in moderation.


Many people lack the motivation to exercise daily, or even once a week in some cases. I experienced this with a lot of my clients and occasionally with myself as well. I have heard numerous times over my 15 years in the personal training and fitness industry that clients wouldn’t be moving, exercising, losing weight, strength training, etc. without my help and guidance. If there is a scheduled session on the calendar -there is a greater chance that we will actually meet and train that day. A client knowing that I or another trainer is dedicated to helping them and will show up to meet with them, holds the client accountable. It also provides the engorgement and motivation to continue training.

Working out at home

Exercising at home is something that can divide opinion at times. Many people find that they can work out more efficiently and get more enjoyment out of their workout whilst at home. On the other hand, many people find that they struggle to motivate themselves to work out, and they need to be in a gym, surrounded by other people exercising to get the most out of their workout. Often people feel that they are being watched and judged by others when working out in a gym, and therefore they feel more comfortable exercising at home. Alternatively, others are happy to work out in the gym without caring what others think. In addition, many people simply do not have any exercise equipment in their home, and hence, they feel they cannot workout unless they are in the gym.

Benefits of working out at home

One of the major benefits of working out at home is that you can plan your workout around your day. You do not have to worry about waiting until certain areas of the gym are available, and you do not have to organise travelling to and from the gym. Additionally, you are free to do any sort of exercise at home, from a two-hour hit session, to a short, five-minute ab workout. You would probably be more likely to skip going to the gym for a day if all you wanted to do was a short workout. Furthermore, having exercise equipment in your home for your home workouts is highly beneficial. Even if you do not have a workout planned, simply seeing the equipment in your home can spur you on and encourage you to workout, even on the days when you would rather not.

In addition, working out with a personal trainer at home is also highly beneficial. This combines the motivation of a personal fitness coach with the comfort and security of your own home in order to maximise the effectiveness of your exercise routines. Often individuals can be hesitant to tell their personal trainers exactly what they want when in a gym. However, they are much more comfortable in their own home, and therefore will get more out of the service their personal trainer is providing.

Home workout equipment

If you want to start working out from home and are looking for a personal trainer in Westchester NY, then it is important that you invest in some exercise equipment first. Some of the most popular home fitness items are medicine balls, dumbbells, foam rollers, and kettlebells. Additionally, if you really want to maximize your fitness then some more expensive equipment may be suitable, such as a treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, or stationary bike. A punching bag is also a popular option in combination with a pair of boxing gloves, while a portable pull up bar can also be beneficial.

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Ridgefield CT, then there are a few things you should consider beforehand. You will want to employ the best personal trainer available, and therefore it is important to check out what they are offering. Some in home personal training services offered in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT include postural and flexibility assessment, mobility assessment, body weight and body fat analysis, lifestyle coaching, nutrition counselling, fitness consulting, home gym design and customization, exercise selection, weight loss, and muscle gain, among many others.


Discover your path to fitness success with Marco Franciamore, a dedicated and experienced personal trainer in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Transform your lifestyle and achieve your goals with personalized workouts, expert guidance, and unwavering support every step of the way.

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