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A weight loss coach is simply someone who helps individuals to achieve their long-term weight loss goals through various methods.

If you want to lose weight, then a weight loss coach may be exactly what you need to help you to do this as effectively as possible. Many people struggle with losing weight for various reasons. For example, often people will be able to lose weight successfully over a short period of time, however they will then find that they are unable to keep this weight off and end up putting it back on, and sometimes even putting on more weight than before.

This can be because these people are using strict diet plans that work for a certain period of time, but are ultimately unsustainable in the long run, and therefore the individuals that use these plans are never able to stick to them for a long period of time. Additionally, individuals can often aim to lose a specific amount of weight or get down to a certain number on the weighing scales.

While it is important to have goals like these, the process of losing weight should be about adjusting one’s lifestyle and diet consistently, rather than aiming for one goal and then stopping once that is achieved.

Why is losing weight important?

There are countless reasons why it is important to lose weight, or at least have the ability, knowledge, and motivation to do so.

  1. Firstly, from a health perspective, it is important to be at a suitable weight in relation to your age, height, and gender.
  2. Being at a healthy weight is highly important for cardiovascular health, as the more excess weight a person has, the more stress and strain there is being put on the heart. This can lead to cardiac problems throughout a person’s life, and in severe cases can even cause heart failure.
  3. In addition, losing weight is incredibly important for a person’s mental health. Being overweight is not only physically draining for a person, but it is also mentally exhausting.
  4. When a person is overweight, they can struggle to be happy in their own skin and may even avoid looking in a mirror in order to avoid being disappointed with themselves.

In contrast, when a person is losing weight and can see a visible difference when they look in a mirror, this will do wonders for their mental health and push them on to continue living in a more healthy and happy manner. Additionally, people who exercise regularly and consistently are generally much happier with their lives than those who do not.

Benefits of a weight loss coach

When it comes to losing weight, a certified and qualified weight loss coach can be a highly beneficial option. A weight loss coach will give you the knowledge and insights you need to truly maximise the efficiency of your weight loss program, and therefore maximise the results. People often struggle with losing weight for various reasons.

For example, in many cases the individual is self-conscious about being overweight, and therefore is extremely reluctant to work out in public places. A weight loss coach can help this person to overcome this fear, which will in turn greatly increase the time they spend exercising. Furthermore, a weight loss mentor can help individuals deal with various eating problems, such as comfort eating and stress eating. This will help to rid the clients of the negative relationship they have with food, and replace it with a healthy one.

Additionally, a quality weight loss trainer will provide their clients with detailed and thorough information, meal prep, and diet plans which will help them to achieve their weight loss goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. These diet plans will not simply offer a quick fix, but instead, they will give the client a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide on how to eat a healthy diet that they will be able to stick to consistently, while also still being able to enjoy the foods they love occasionally.

Importance of exercise in weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, exercise is something that simply cannot be overlooked. One of the most straightforward and simple ways to approach the topic of weight loss is to simply track a person’s caloric intake. This is the total amount of calories they take in as they eat food throughout the day.

Once you have this number of calories you take in, all you have to do is burn off a greater number of calories in order to begin to lose weight. This can be easier said than done, however, in many cases, it can be this straightforward. If a person is truly serious about losing weight, then it is vital that they get into the habit of exercising regularly and consistently.

I’ve helped many clients lose weight, move better, feel better, and look better. When it comes to weight loss and fat loss there is plenty of information out there—some good, some bad. I’ve helped clients decipher through all of the noise and misinformation – focusing on what will work for them. I’ve had many success stories with clients losing weight, adding muscle and looking and feeling better than they’ve ever had.


  • ACE – CPT
  • ACE Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • ACE Certified Functional Exercises Specialist
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • CHEK Golf Performance Specialist

I can help with:

  • fasting/intermittent fasting
  • keto diets
  • vegan diets
  • carnivore diets
  • caloric intake
  • organic foods
  • non GMO…
  • sleep
  • stress
  • inflammation
  • weight gain
  • bloating
  • food choices
  • reading nutrition labels
  • exercise selection
  • high-intensity interval training
  • immune system and immune function
  • metabolic conditioning and more!

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