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Our initial session will begin with a chat. We’ll cover:

  • needs
  • wants
  • goals
  • lifestyle factors
  • exercise experience
  • any injuries (past or present)
  • and I’ll answer any questions that come up to make sure you’re feeling comfortable

Initial Health and Fitness Assessment

From there we’ll begin the static postural assessment. I’ll analyze your posture from various angles to identify any deviations from neutral.  We may also take photos/videos to keep track of your progress.

Then we’ll move on to dynamic posture and movement assessment. That’ll entail a series of everyday/functional movements -walking, squatting, hinging, rotation, balance, and a lot more.

Moving on from there comes mobility and flexibility testing. I’ll test your range of motion from your neck down to your ankles.  The flexibility testing covers many of the small muscles most people don’t think about. And of course, all the major muscles/muscle groups.

Muscle activation testing comes next. I’ll look at the firing patterns of various muscles to ensure everything is working as it should.

From there we’ll test for strength in most of the basic functional exercises (loaded or unloaded) as well as, core, shoulder, and grip strength. We can also add in body metrics (weight, body fat, muscle mass…) and before and after photos.

Mobility Exercises

Soft tissue work (foam rolling, percussive therapy, trigger point work) is also a part of the initial session (if time allows). These are critical components to keeping your tissue (fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments) in good shape. I’ll show you how to properly use a foam roller to address your specific needs after your exercise program.

Next up, will be any mobility exercises that need to be done to help and correct any issues with tissue length and flexibility. Those exercises will also help with range of motion at the joints and will aid in decreasing pain and dysfunction.

Following all the aforementioned comes a dynamic warmup/activation that is specific to your body’s needs.  Essentially, this preps you for the remainder of the session -whether it’s strength training, athletic development, weight loss, etc.  During the session, I am also looking, assessing, correcting (when needed), explaining, and answering questions. It’ll be fun but challenging and rewarding.

Work with an Exercise Professional

My assessment, evaluation, and subsequent sessions are head and shoulders above the industry norm. It’s a deep dive into your posture, body composition and mechanics, mobility, flexibility, strength, performance, fitness, wellness, and beyond.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first session please email me at: mf@marcofitnesslifestyle.com.

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